• Village Trumpeter
    Village Trumpeter
  • Girl in Tyrolean Costume
    Girl in Tyrolean Costume

Donated Works

Schloss Bruck Museum: Lienz, Austria

In the spring of 2018 the ‘Village Trumpeter’, as well as ‘Girl in Tyrolean Costume’ were donated to Schloss Bruck, the Museum of the town of Lienz in East Tyrol by Frau Inge Goller, widow of George Jaeger’s childhood friend Dr. Günther Goller - who had been given these paintings in gratitude for his generosity and kindness during George's visit to Vienna in 2017. It was Dr. Goller’s wish that these paintings, as well as a third work, ’Sillian, an Austrian Village’, become part of the patrimony of East Tyrol, where he was born and raised.

That wish has now been fulfilled, and these portraits of young village musicians are first being exhibited by Museum Schloss Bruck in the town hall of Sillian, the village where Frederick Jaeger painted them in 1936 and where many still remember them and some of their descendants still live. They will be shown at Schloss Bruck, famous for its Egger-Lienz collection, in later exhibitions.

*Works marked with an asterisk are for sale.